ideabile | Manifesto
We are story drivers. We use innovative design, visual strategy and integrated communication to drive brands toward new destinations.
communication design, integrated communication, visual strategy, exhibition design, concept design, editorial design, logo design, identity system, branding, web design, environmental graphic, graphic design, brand guidelines, art direction, creative direction
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There are many stories told with many words, and others told entirely with one image. Shouted stories and whispered stories. Drawn, scribbled, searched for, found. Stories that can become as essential as a logo, three-dimensional like an installation, interactive like a web platform.
There are stories of all shapes and sizes. Stories of major brands and newborn tales. Every story has its own style of telling. Expert narrators are needed. Or, more precisely, story drivers.
Professionals able to take communication into uncharted realms, thanks to constant contamination of stimuli, ideas and expertise. Helmsmen ready to guide the client on a creative journey that begins on familiar ground, but leads to unknown destinations. Because story drivers are open to all possibilities, like an empty page, and they are also very precise and sharp, like a brand new pencil.