ideabile | About
We are story drivers. We use innovative design, visual strategy and integrated communication to drive brands toward new destinations.
communication design, integrated communication, visual strategy, exhibition design, concept design, editorial design, logo design, identity system, branding, web design, environmental graphic, graphic design, brand guidelines, art direction, creative direction
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We are a young, enthusiastic and expert team. We have strong roots and thoughts spreading like branches towards the outside world.

We believe in the exchange of ideas, thoughts and strategies.


Our creativity develops through dialogue and constant contamination. Our intuitions acknowledge no ranks, and can come from anyone: junior to senior, client to consultant.



Giacomo Vignoni


Giacomo is a fluid thinker. He is a designer who traces lines of communication that are always novel. He is a project manager who thinks of communication as a constantly evolving process: projects to discover, to build, but also to take apart and put back together with his team and his clients. Creativity and transformation are his keywords, starting precisely from his professional background. From desires to projects, potential to possibility, people to teams, Giacomo Vignoni Studio to IDEABILE.

Chiara Berselli


Trained as a designer, she thinks like a creative director.  She shares Giacomo’s philosophy and working methods, and always has a complete overview of projects. Besides creative supervision, she focuses on team management and the phases of production, implementation and finalization. Chiara is a great orchestra conductor, who enables all the creative performances to converge in a single, remarkable idea. Presentation after presentation, she creates the final product that will remain in the hands of the client and the memory of consumers.
Every brief has its own specialized team.

Our job is to construct the best team depending on the project and the needs of the client. Thanks to a widespread network of collaborators and extensive experience, IDEABILE has the possibility of selecting the ideal forms of expertise for every project.